The love of Nancy Hiles with natural environment around office and residence


The green and clean environment doesn’t only make you feel fresh but also provide positive effects for health. People can see the clear differences by living in polluted places and the Ares with greener environment. Nancy Hiles along with her husband find it an ideal choice to live around the green views and more natural environment. Therefore, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles decided to keep the environment clean around their own residence, Western Rim’s Headquarter and their residential project as well. All of the houses and residential units offered by the company are constructed in the center of gardens and trees.

Nancy Hiles also focused on constructing parks so that people can enjoy nature’s beauty in a more open area. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have brought a great thought. Many of the real estate owners focus on taking advantage of more space and build as many homes as they can. However, Nancy and Marcus were not interested to develop numerous residential units without adding flavor of natural environment around them. This thought actually becomes the reason of ultimate success of Western Rim Properties. The buyers prefer buying homes from this company instead of relying on other real estate firms.

The vision of Nancy was similar to what Marcus thought about Western Rim properties. They couldn’t think about skipping the idea of constructing parks and gardens in each of their project. This determination has brought great success for the company. Nancy wanted that the beautiful views must be seen from every window of the house. Therefore, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles made it mandatory to provide a healthy environment to buyers whether they purchase small or large residential units. It is definitely a commendable step taken by this couple.

The combination of luxurious living with breathtaking external views shows an ideal lifestyle. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles did their best to provide a convenient lifestyle with the best and healthy environment on exit. Many of the real estate owners have tried to imitate this concept. However, they failed to do because of lacking in some areas i.e. quality of material. This shows that Nancy and Marcus is the real estate entrepreneurial couple that understands what people actually want. Their in-depth analysis regarding preferences and choices of people in Texas is quite admirable and commendable as well.

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