Marcus Hiles – Bringing prosper to Prosper

Western Rim Property Services led by charismatic CEO Marcus Hiles have announced the development of their latest exciting project Mansions of Prosper. The estate is situated North of the world-famous Dallas, Texas, and is nestled in a charming rapidly growing region. These modern town houses are part of a growing tendency in American’s desire to live in affordable luxury residential communities very close to urban centers with the surrounding beauty of the Texan wild.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles: Texas based philanthropists and entrepreneurs are once again the brains behind the project, and have become big names in the world of property development in Northern Texas. Their projects are renowned not only for their chic and elegant design, but also the growing positive effect they is having on the local economies. The Mansions of Prosper project is the high end upmarket end of the properties developed by Hiles’ and his company, and so has attracted business catering to the more wealthy moving to the area.

Prosper is fast becoming a well-known town. Its buzzing economy known for its shopping opportunities, beautiful restaurants and vibrant industry, whist having an excellent education system. The area lies in the heart of a place renown for its entertainment opportunities- nearby Dallas houses the world famous Dallas Cowboys and the upcoming MLS soccer team FC Dallas have proved hugely successful in the past few years. The area is also home to a variety of popular and PGA acclaimed gold courses, helping draw a variety of sporting enthusiasts from all over the country. The properties ooze luxury- marble adorned wood burners, Whirlpool kitchen appliances, 80-ounce custom carpets, Italian-marbled tiled entry- they are houses for those who want to live in modern interior paradise. The interior design is something special, and has been a focus of all Marcus Hiles‘ previous projects also. He and Nancy takes great pride in being able to give people the opportunity to live in complete, modern and elegant homes. They recognizes the importance a nice living environment can have on an individuals well-being.

Western Rim Property Services effect continues to be positive on the surrounding communities to which they are delivering prosperity to the coincidentally named town. It is becoming a popular trend to make such a move to rural yet modern residences. Find out more at Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles Developers.

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Marcus Hiles – The Towers by the Park

Marcus Hiles, Texan entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of Western Rim Properties- one of the states most exciting and prosperous housing development projects, is the mastermind behind the Towers in the Park housing community. For those looking to live in a modern, state-of-the-art facilitated apartment in a sought-after locations, The Towers in the Park look set to provide luxury residence for those seeking to move here.

Located close to the exciting and upcoming city of Frisco, families and young professionals have recently been seeking to move here to look for prosperous career pursuits and vibrant community of like-minded individuals. An exciting place for sports fans, the town also acts as home to the training facility for the world famous Dallas Cowboys.

As a center piece to this exciting housing development is the luxury Olympic sized infinity pool, offering its residents a place to relax and work out after a hard days work. It includes a Starbucks cafe, games room, business center and private health center. However facilities aside, what makes these projects so impressive and attractive to the ethically minded generation of Americans, is the eco-design aspects integral to every part of Marcus Hiles’ projects. He ensures that only the most environmentally friendly materials are used in the construction of apartments- fits all building with LED lighting, and have energy saving insulation in the walls. Marcus Hiles‘ commitment to contributing to the wider economy both economically and environmentally is perfectly captured in projects like The Towers by the Park, which are offering people the chance to live in luxury surroundings for an affordable price.

The high standards and commitment to developing properties that Western Rim Property adhere to is laid out in all their property brochures. They aim to develop places that are ”the best place to live in the city”, targeting the aspirational classes with a taste for detailed interior design and a desire for comfort and prosper. In his projects people have found the perfect place in which to live out their ideals and pursuit of the American Dream, and The Towers in the Park is one such place we can see this happening.

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A Lot to Learn from Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles: The real estate couple

There are a very few organizations in the world which is run by a couple, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles: The real estate couple is unique in this regard. When one hears about the company western rim property, then the immediate brand image which will be created in your mind will be Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles.

There is lot to be learnt from these elegant looking business couple, who had really given all they had just for the establishment of their company. They have invested billions of dollars just to make their society better and to create employment opportunities for people who are jobless, who have the necessary skills but due to some odd reason are unable to get the right job.

The couple has helped the poor, made the environment and facilities of educational institutions wonderful through charities worth billions of dollars. They have funded honest political candidates in their election campaigns so that they may get elected and serve the nation well and make the world a better and livable place.

They have even been loggerheads with the government just for the promotion of better economy and business activities which is surely not a very easy thing to do if you are a well-known business couple. To promote business among the students and masses they even launched their own online news magazines and Marcus Hiles Houston News so that young people learn about the dynamics of real estate market and also learn how to create and run their own business.

No doubt both Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are couple who deserve respect and love from people all over the world, they have surely shown the world how to conduct business in tough conditions and how to sacrifice your loved once just for the sake of a better society

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Nancy Hiles – a good supporter

Nancy Hiles support to her husband

Nancy Hiles, a well-known entrepreneur has supported her husband to her fullest. When Marcus Hiles started the venture in real estate, Nancy Hiles became his strength and supported him in every possible manner. It is said that the success of Marcus Hiles is because of his wife Nancy. It is really difficult to establish a big empire alone. They both developed it together. The venture became more active in helping the charitable organizations. Marcus and Nancy Hiles studied in the same college and they found many similarities in each other. Thus they decided to start the venture Western Rim properties.

Nancy and Marcus left no way for taking their venture to the great levels. Marcus faced many failures but Nancy motivates him to move forward and it gave him success. Nancy and Marcus Hiles: Entrepreneurs, Philanthropist and environment protectors; these are the titles which they have achieved. You would have understood about their being entrepreneurs. Next is philanthropist, Nancy and Marcus both are engaged in many charitable activities. They have funded at lots of organizations.

Philanthropy activities of Nancy Hiles

When it comes to environment protection, there also they have worked very well. Nancy Hiles always loved to donate in the organizations which helped the disadvantage women and job placement people. She understood the conditions of women in the present times and thus she tried everything to support the women who were disregarded by the groups of people. Nancy and Marcus Hiles believe that luck and success of business goes hand in hand with the donations. She believes that the more the amount is donated, the more success it brings to them. They have donated billion of dollars every year in the schools, universities and other organizations.

Nancy and Marcus Hiles are soul mates

Nancy and Marcus faced the bad times in 2008 when the economy fell. But then they became the support system of each other and came out form the critical situation. Nancy Hiles had many similarities with her husband and they characteristics of them are also same. Thus Nancy Hiles: A perfect soul-mate and support system of Marcus Hiles is well known. At present, the couple is ready to give their services to the residents of Texas. The couple believed that they were helped by the community in their bad times and thus they wish to repay to the community. They are repaying the state in the form of donations and charity. The couple teaches lots of things to people.

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Nancy and Marcus: An Undeniable Chemistry

Nancy and Marcus: Relationship Goals

The story of Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles is a story of success but it is also very romantic. Nancy and Marcus are not only partners in business; they are also partners in life. They are husband and wife. Through the years, this couple has reached a lot of goals that most of us can only dream of. Here is a list of goals that the couple has achieved throughout their many years together.

1. Be with someone who supports the same causes you support.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles, are above all in philanthropy. They have always been philanthropists even before they established their company, Western Rim Properties. Nowadays, the couple donates to charities, schools and universities, and environmental organizations. The couple makes sure that they donate to support their causes on a regular basis. The more the couple earns, the more they donate to their respectable charities. This couple firmly believes that it is given that one must give in order to receive.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are actually college sweethearts. They met while they were both in college and have been together ever since. A couple of years ago, they just used to be classmates in the same university and now they own a company together! Let’s face it, it can get really hard to stick with someone through thick and thin, much less through owning a company. But somehow, these two still made it through.

2. Be with someone who is humble despite their great success.

You might think that with the amount of success Nancy and Marcus have tasted, it wouldn’t be abnormal if they boasted about it. But in spite of this couple’s success, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles: Maintain simplicity and enjoy the success. Nancy and Marcus take pride in their achievements but they are always very down-to-Earth when asked about it. It really is great to be with someone who knows how to be contented but at the same time strives to be even more successful.

3. Be with someone who will never leave your side.

Nowadays, not many relationships last long enough. A lot of people surrender the battle at the first sight of an obstacle. Being an entrepreneur is hard and by no doubt, Nancy and Marcus went through a lot of ups and downs before getting to the top. Despite all these hardships, they still managed to find their way to the top and stay side by side.

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The love of Nancy Hiles with natural environment around office and residence


The green and clean environment doesn’t only make you feel fresh but also provide positive effects for health. People can see the clear differences by living in polluted places and the Ares with greener environment. Nancy Hiles along with her husband find it an ideal choice to live around the green views and more natural environment. Therefore, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles decided to keep the environment clean around their own residence, Western Rim’s Headquarter and their residential project as well. All of the houses and residential units offered by the company are constructed in the center of gardens and trees.

Nancy Hiles also focused on constructing parks so that people can enjoy nature’s beauty in a more open area. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have brought a great thought. Many of the real estate owners focus on taking advantage of more space and build as many homes as they can. However, Nancy and Marcus were not interested to develop numerous residential units without adding flavor of natural environment around them. This thought actually becomes the reason of ultimate success of Western Rim Properties. The buyers prefer buying homes from this company instead of relying on other real estate firms.

The vision of Nancy was similar to what Marcus thought about Western Rim properties. They couldn’t think about skipping the idea of constructing parks and gardens in each of their project. This determination has brought great success for the company. Nancy wanted that the beautiful views must be seen from every window of the house. Therefore, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles made it mandatory to provide a healthy environment to buyers whether they purchase small or large residential units. It is definitely a commendable step taken by this couple.

The combination of luxurious living with breathtaking external views shows an ideal lifestyle. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles did their best to provide a convenient lifestyle with the best and healthy environment on exit. Many of the real estate owners have tried to imitate this concept. However, they failed to do because of lacking in some areas i.e. quality of material. This shows that Nancy and Marcus is the real estate entrepreneurial couple that understands what people actually want. Their in-depth analysis regarding preferences and choices of people in Texas is quite admirable and commendable as well.

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The successful Journey of Charitable Lives of Marcus and Nancy Hiles

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles continue to donate to their favorite charitable causes year after year like countless other real estate investors and successful business owners. They improved the lives of many Texans with the contribution of millions of dollars to the private universities and inner city schools. They always wanted to do something for the welfare of people instead of collecting large amount of money in their bank accounts. The objective of Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles has become true when they donate millions of dollars for charity without any hesitation.

The Young Age and Charitable Couple

At a young age, both Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles begin contributing to a variety of charities. The background of humble beginnings forced them to do something for their community and giving back to them. Many of the successful business owners never participate in charities with the fear of losses. However, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles found the positive impact of charity on their present financial status. The higher engagement with the charitable causes definitely pays back to the firms by developing their reputation in the respective industries. Same thing happened with Western Rim Properties.

The level of kindness and sympathy of Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles can be determined by their habits of giving donations when they were in college. They had donated small amount of money, food, furniture and clothing despite having limited expenses and to bear higher budget of studies. The class-mates and close friends had considered them a role model during the studies. The pair of Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles was considered as the most respectable couple among the teachers and other faculty staff. They struggled a lot to reach their goal. However, hard work pays off to everybody but with a difference of certain time period.

Expansion of donations across Texas

The philanthropic practices of Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles has implemented on the variety of women’s advocate groups, universities, schools and non-profit environmental organizations. When they started to get higher profits, they decide to distribute large portion of money among the needy people. The hike in cash amount of donations every year is another great step taken by Western Rim Properties. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have made it one of the top charitable firms in the Texas. Many of the Texans have become able to change their lives through Western Rim Properties.

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The steps taken by Nancy and Marcus Hiles for Environmental protection

Everyone wants to have a clean and fresh environment in their surroundings but quite few people do something for it. Keeping a clean environment and saving the habitats around is the responsibility of everyone. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are the owners of Western Rim Properties and the couple is highly active in environmental protection initiative except their Real Estate business. They always focus on keeping environment clean and saving the habitats in the surroundings of Western Rim’s headquarter. Secondly, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles also focus on providing a fresh and clean environment to their residents.

They always concentrate on building projects not only related to construction of houses but also their refreshing entrances. The higher attention of Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles towards cleaning of the surrounding areas of their developed projects, their own house and headquarter distinguish this couple from other Real Estate Entrepreneurs. It is definitely a great thought to save the natural habitats and keep environment free of pollution. There are numerous benefits of living around natural views and refreshing environment. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles actually want to create this awareness among people for their healthy lifestyle.

Many of the people prefer buying homes by Western Rim Properties only because of this reason. Most of the owners don’t pay attention on cleaning and maintenance of the surroundings after selling the homes. However, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are highly concerned with it. Therefore, the couple always remains active and participates in the activities of saving environment from pollution. Therefore, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles also work with many non-profit environmental firms for the protection of environment. This is really a very good step taken by this successful entrepreneurial couple. These days, every business owner wants to make money and don’t pay attention on such things.

The best thing about Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles is their compatibility and similar opinions regarding many things. They loved to donate whatever they had when they were students. They have similar thoughts that made them able to work something for the environmental protection. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have always supported many of the non-profit organizations that are highly active for the safety of environment in Texas. The beautiful natural views, fresh air and saving habitats are the main priorities of this couple that they add in each of their house while construction.

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Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles: What is their secret of success?

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are real estate investment couple, with deep roots in Texas. In 2004, they founded Western Rim Properties, with a vision to offer affordable luxury living options with only the best amenities to the residents of Texas.

Their secret of success is to do what you love, to manage a personal and professional life and to do good in the world. They believe that their charity has a great impact on their success. Nancy and Marcus Hiles believe that if you do good and great things, then good and great things can come back to you.

Since 2004, their portfolio has grown to over 10,000 luxury apartment homes, condominiums and custom mansions, resulting in billions of dollars of revenue over the course of the past decade. During the same time, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have concentrated much of their effort on donating a large portion of their income to various charitable organizations throughout Texas.

Like any other business owners, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles deal with stress on a daily basis. Whether that stress is from closing new development deals to negotiating the cost of construction materials or speaking with politicians about rising taxes in Texas, the couple always finds a way to lower their levels of stress before they head home for the evening.

Both Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have always found peace and comfort when they engage in outdoor activities, especially during the spring season. Couple enjoys a variety of hobbies and activities, including sports, hiking, wine tasting, festivals, traveling and more. 

The work Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles do on behalf of the less fortunate within their community is a huge part of their overall blueprint for success. The couple sincerely believes that they have a responsibility to help the community that played a huge role in propelling them to their current levels of success.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles believe that their personal life always has a profound impact on their business life and vice versa. They try to keep an even balance of both worlds to help maximize the time and energy dedicated to Western Rim Properties.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have experienced great success within the real estate development business as founders of Western Rim Properties. The couple truly believes that success in life doesn’t exist without giving back to the community.

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Juggling Family Life and Personal Life: Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles

Both Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are extremely busy people. From spending hours at the Western Rim Properties corporate office to ensuring their philanthropic donations are being handled properly, the couple rarely has time to spend at home with family or go out with close friends. Because family time is so important to both Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles, the couple sticks to a rigorous schedule that ensures family time for at least one day a week on the weekends when both of them are at home.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles believe that their personal life always has a profound impact on their business life and vice versa. They try to keep an even balance of both worlds to help maximize the time and energy dedicated to Western Rim Properties. You can find out more about Western Rim Properties when you watch Marcus Hiles videos on YouTube.

Dealing with the Stress of Owning a Business as a Couple

Like any other business owners, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles deal with stress on a daily basis. Whether that stress is from closing new development deals to negotiating the cost of construction materials or speaking with politicians about rising taxes in Texas, the couple always finds a way to lower their levels of stress before they head home for the evening.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles enjoy a variety of hobbies and activities, including sports, hiking, wine tasting, festivals, traveling and more. As noted on Marcus Hiles CV, he attended Rice University where he was actively engaged in many extra-curricular activities, both competitive and non-competitive. Both Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have always found peace and comfort when they engage in outdoor activities, especially during the spring season.

Dedicating their Lives to the Business and Philanthropy

While relaxing with friends and family is important to the loving couple, both Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles make Western Rim Properties and Philanthropy top priorities at all times. The couple spends most of their weekends traveling to other parts of Texas and across the country to help with business transactions, network with politicians and other developers, and to further their philanthropic causes as much as possible.

The success of Western Rim Properties is largely due to the hard work and dedication that Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles put into making their vision of a better Texas into reality.

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